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Provide support in the development, upgradation, implementation and improvement of process safety managment system....
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Welcom to FPS Constulant

We are CSP and TUV Certified Functional Safety Engineers who provide state of the art solutions and services in the process safety management system, technical safety engineering and fire protection system design by using industry best available software tools and empirical models, to contribute in making the process plants and associated  facilities more safer. 



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Process Safety System Design & Improvement

  • Developing Loss Prevention Philosophy

  • Developing Fire Protection Philosophy

  • Developing Fire & Gas Detection Philosophy

  • Developing Engineering Standards for Fire and Safety System Design

  • Updating Existing Process Safety Standards and Procedures

  • Calibration of Risk Matrix

  • Estimate Effectiveness for Element of Management System System 

  • Process Safety Competency Assessment of Staff

  • Training Material Development for New Process Safety Engineers

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Plant Technical Safety Studies  

  • Hazard Identification (HAZID)

  • Inherent Design Safety (IDS) Review

  • Hazard & Operability (HAZOP)

  • Safety Integrity Level (SlL) Assessment & Verification

  • Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA)

  • Electrical Area Classification Study and Drawings

  • Safety Critical Element (SCE) Identification & Performance Stantard

  • BowTie Analysis for Major Accident Hazard 

  • Cost & Benefit Analysis and ALARP Demonstration 

Quantitative Risk Assessments

  • Fire and Explosion Risk Assessment

  • Facility Overall Risk Assessment for Land-Use-Permit

  • Risk-Based Location Study Occupied Buildings

  • Risk-Based Location Study for Functionally Significant Buildings

  • Consequence-Based Location Study for Construction Camp

  • Fire Protection System Effectiveness Assessment

  • Emergency System Survivability Study 

  • Semi-quantitative Risk Assessment

  • Fire Escalation Risk Assessment

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Fire, Explosion and Dispersion Analysis

  • Fire Consequence Analysis

  • Blast Overpressure Hazard Analysis

  • Vapor Cloud Explosion Hazard Analysis

  • Flammable and Toxic Gas Dispersion Analysis

  • Flare Radiation Study

  • Safe Location and Height Evaluation for Flare and Open Vents

  • Flue Gases Dispersion Study

  • Location and Height Evaluation for Fire and Blast Wall

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Fire Water / Foam System Design

  • Facility Fire Water Demand Calculation

  • Fire Water Tank & Pumping System Design

  • Fire Water Network Design

  • Fixed Fire Water Equipment Layout

  • Plant Equipment Fire Exposure Study

  • Fire Water / Foam Spray System Design

  • Fire Water System Hydraulic Calculation

  • Foam System Design for Storage Tanks

  • Fire Protection Equipment Specification

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Fire & Gas Detection System Design

  • Developing Fire and Gas Detection Philosophy

  • Developing Basis of Design for Fire & Gas Protection System

  • Developing Fire and Gas Alarm Devices Location Plan

  • Fire & Gas Detector Coverage Evaluation

  • Plant Fire and Gas Detection Location / Mapping Study

  • Developing Building Fire Alarm Sytem Design

  • Developing System Cause & Effects and Logics

  • Developing Data Sheets for Detectors and Alarm Devices

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Passive Fire Protection Design

  • Developing Passive Fire Protection Philosophy

  • Fire Hazardous Equipment Study

  • Evaluating Fire Hazardous Zone by Fire Modeling

  • Determine Fireproofing Requirement for Vessel, Structure and Safety System

  • Fireproofing Material Selection and Specification


Environmental Factor & Human Exposure

  • Plant Noise Mapping Study

  • Facility Noise Survey (On-site Verification of Noise Mapping) 

  • Occupational Noise Exposure Assessment

  • Chemical Exposure Assessment

  • Facility wide Emergency Siren Study

  • Human Factor Analysis for Facility Design

  • Criticality Analysis for Valves and Control Systems

  • Fugitive Emission Calculation

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Technical Audit, Inspection & System Testing

  • Perform Technical Audit and Performance Testing for:

    • Fire Water Suppression Systems

    • Fire Foam Suppression Systems

    • Plant Fire and Gas Detection System

    • Building Fire and Gas Detection System

    • Fire Water Pumping System

    • Fire Water Network Equipmet (Hydrant, Monitor and Hose Reels)

    • Safety Shower and Eyewash Units

  • Perform Independent Verification for Project Fire & Safety Deliverables

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Fire & Safety Engineering Trainings

  • Perform Training Need Assessment

  • Develop and execute fire and safety training based on client facility need

  • Provide Professional Training on following topics but not limited to:

    • Fundamental of Safety Engineering​

    • Fundamental of Fire Engineering

    • Hazardous Area Classification

    • Fundamental of Fire and Explosion Modeling

    • Quantitative Risk Assessment

    • ....many more

Stang-up Meeting

Human Resource for Fire & Safety Engineer

  • Support client in developing Job Description of Fire and Safety Engineers

  • Perform Initial Screening of Candidate Resume

  • Perform Screening Interview to screen out best suitable candidate

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House Plan Review

Review of Fire & Safety Design

  • Work as Project Design HSE Engineer with Client Project Team

  • Review all Project Design HSE Documents 

  • Review all Project Fire Protection System Design Document

  • Review all Project Fire & Gas Alarm System Design Document 

  • Independent Verification of Technical Safety Studies

  • Independent Verification of Standard Compliance

  • Independent Verification of Regulatory Compliance

  • Drafting of Project New or Existing D

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